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You make a short and simple video and get a chance to win the latest Lenovo ThinkBook Plus




If you want to win the latest think book plus then you have to submit your idea. For this, just upload a short video showing what you will do each day with a few extra hours.


Click on this link to submit your idea. Through this link, you will go to its official website. Where you have to present your idea. This is really easy, you have to give a few minutes for this. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Complete These Five steps.

Step: 1 First of all what do you want to say in the video before you record the video. Write a thick outline of your story. By doing this you will not forget anything important.

Step: 2 – While recording video, make sure that there is no light source behind you and also keep background noise low.

Step: 3 – You should dress in a color that is opposite to your background so that you stand out.

Step: 4 – You should also make sure that the distance between you and the camera is correct. Your face should be clearly visible in the video.

Step: 5 – To record the video you use a tripod or a selfie stick so that it does not stagger. During this time, keep your phone in a vertical position.

To upload your entry, click on the link provided in this article. Go to its official website and register.

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