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Jio Giga Fibre: All You Need To Know

It Was The 42nd Annual General Meeting(AGM) Of Reliance Industries On 12 August. Lots Of New Products Of Reliance Industries Were Ready To Introduce To Everyone. One Of The Most Interesting Product Was “Jio Giga Fibre”. Humours Of Jio Giga Fibre Was Coming Since 2016. More Then 5 Lakhs Peoples Were Already Using The Jio Giga Fibre As A Part Of Beta Testing And Millions Of Peoples Like Me Always Curious To Know When It Will Launch Officially! When It Will Available Commercial! What Will Be The Plans Of Jio Giga Fibre!

Jio Giga Fibre
Jio Giga Fibre

Finally The Date Of Jio Giga Fibre’s Launch Is Arrived For Which We Were Extreme Level Excited. In The 42nd AGM(Annual General Meeting) Of Reliance Industries, They Have Officially Announced That Jio Giga Fibre Will Be Available Commercially From 5th Of September. That Means You Can Purchase Your Jio Giga Fibre From Next Month. You Should Know That “More Then 15 Millions Registrations Are Already Submitted To Jio” Which Clearly Shows How Much Excited We Are.

Plans Are The Main Things To Know Before Purchasing Any Services From Any Provider. Jio Is Already Popular For There Low Range Plans And This Time They Are Here With Jio Giga Fibre. According To The Annual General Meeting Of Reliance, Jio Is Currently Offering “Jio Giga Fibre Welcome Offer Plan”, Which Will Starts From As Low As 700Rs/Month And It Will Go Upto 10,000Rs/Month As You Upgrade Your Plan.One More Plan Is Coming Which Is “Jio Forever Plan”. This Plan Is Annual Plan Where You Have To Pay For An Year To Enjoy Seamless Services Of Jio Giga Fibre For An Year. If You Are Going With The Jio Forever Plan Then You Will Get A LED or 4K Television From Jio At Free Of Cost. You Will Also Get The Jio Giga TV Set-Up Box At Free Of Cost With Jio Forever Plan.Registration Method Of Jio Forever Plan Is Not As Easy As Jio Giga Fibre Welcome Offer Plan. For Registring Jio Forever Plan, You Have To Pay Some Advance Charges. You Will Let You Know From The My Jio App About How To Register For It or Simply You Can Stay Tuned With Awaj For Getting All The Details.

The Speed Of Jio Giga Fibre Is Depends On With Which Plan You Are Going. If You Are Going With The Base Plan Which Is 700Rs/Month Then You Will Get Speed Of 100MBPS Which Is Really Very Fast. If You Are Going With The Jio Forever Plan Then You Will Internet Speed Of Upto 1GBPS Which Is Extreme Level Fast. It Means The Speed Of Jio Giga Fibre Will Be 100MBPS to 1GBPS.

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