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Now the game of PUBG game will change as new features will be added.

It is being said that PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update will be released on October 16 with many features and this will make the game even more interesting. A few days ago PUBG Mobile rolled out 0.14.1 version for its PUBG Mobile Lite version. In these features, you will get the new Battle Royal Experience by the player accessing the new Golden Wood Maps.

Now the game of PUBG game will change as new features will be ad.

After the new update in the PUBG mobile game, users will get the feature of BRDM-2 vehicle and new Desert Eagle gun. By the way, these features are already available on pc version and now users will be able to take advantage of this on mobile too.

After the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update, the BRDM-2 car will clog in the game, but players will have to use Flare Gain to get this car. As is a part of the game. The biggest feature in the BRDM-2 vehicle is that it can be run on land with water and its speed will be higher on the ground.

In these new features, users will get Desert Eagle pistol. Which is the best option for a short-range range? This pistol gives 62 damage in one shot and is the most damaging pistol. And it will also include ledge Grab. In which players can climb on the roof.

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