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Android users are once again in danger, Joker Virus is stealing data, India is the most affected country



Android Users Are Once Again In Danger

Android users alert that can be in your device, like Joker Virus Google, you can also delete these apps immediately.

Joker Virus Is Stealing Data, India Is The Most Affected Country
Joker Virus

Joker Malware is a big threat to the privacy of Android users and can cause great harm to users. This malware secretly gets users signed up for premium subscription services. After that, it collects the information of the device including SMS, contacts, IMEI number. If you are using an Android phone, then these are the apps that were infected:

Google found that Joker Malware was present in 24 apps for download from the Play Store. Google has removed all these apps from the Play Store to improve its status. However, unlike other malware attacks, Joker Malware-infected apps have been downloaded about half a million times. This means that despite Google’s removal of these apps from the Play Store, the threat of threat does not go away.

Every day there is an attack of malware on Android smartphones. Malware has been attacked once again on Android users. Like the name, Joker relies on Ads to make Malware people sign-up for premium subscriptions. After this, it steals the data of the users by staying in the background. This malware is quite dangerous for Android users. Many Android phone users have also downloaded it into their devices. At the moment, Google has removed it from the Play Store.

  • Advocate Wallpaper
  • –Age Face
  • –Altar Message
  • –Antivirus Security – Security Scan
  • –Beach Camera
  • –Board picture editing
  • –Certain Wallpaper
  • –Climate SMS
  • –Collate Face Scanner
  • –Cute Camera
  • –Dazzle Wallpaper
  • –Declare Message
  • –Display Camera
  • –Great VPN
  • –Humour Camera
  • –Ignite Clean
  • –Leaf Face Scanner
  • –Mini Camera
  • –Print Plant scan
  • –Rapid Face Scanner
  • –Reward Clean
  • –Ruddy SMS
  • –Sony Camera
  • –Spark Wallpaper

If any of these apps are in your phone, delete it and if you see any of these apps on PlayStore, then do not download it. After deleting from the phone, backup your data and reset the device to full factory. In this way there will be some other malware or virus on the device, then you will get rid of that too. Let us tell you, Joker Virus Malware is active in 37 countries. Out of these, India is most affected by this virus. Other countries include Australia, Germany, United States, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Poland, etc.

Android users are once again in danger. If we got any news related to the Joker virus, then we will inform you of Awaj made by then

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