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Patriotic zeal among Kashmiri youth to recruit army

A recruitment drive for the army is going on in Sri Nagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, Commanding Officer RR Sharma has said that about 6500 youths have been present. Some of these youngsters have appeared for screening and physics. About 550 youth have shortlisted. But after all the examinations, 162 will be included in the Territorial Army.

 Patriotic zeal among Kashmiri youth to recruit army
Jammu and Kashmir

Let me tell you that in Kashmir Valley, whatever the army and militants would have recruited in the army was declared an enemy of Islam and boycott social, yet the enthusiasm of the local youth to join the army has not diminished. Hundreds of youth arrived at the military recruitment center to join the army.

It is being said that TA was recruited a few days ago in Kopwara, a district adjacent to LoC in North Kashmir, of which 2000 local youths participated. Today again rally recruitment in Srinagar has been done.

Rally recruitment was organized by the Ministry of Defense. Around five thousand local youths took part in this rally. While there were only 240 vacancies. There was such a crowd of youths in the rally, the youths hit the entry gate and killed the soldiers and they had to try hard to control them.

But the most shocking thing is that the youth of that said that the path we are ready to go, there will be a matter of rights and justice. And we will get a chance to fight our enemies, and we will be able to protect our Kashmir.

If we get any news related to this information, then we will inform you of the Awaj remained till then.

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