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Now low-cost firecrackers will be Diwali because green crackers have come in the market.

Green crackers will be cheaper than all the crackers, it is said that their chemical composition has been changed, due to which their price has reduced to a great extent. Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan has said on Saturday that from now on, only use green crackers for Diwali as these crackers are cheap and they also reduce pollution by 30 percent.

Now low-cost firecrackers will be Diwali because green crackers have come in the market

Harshvardhan had already appealed to his scientists to prepare low-pollution firecrackers. If this happens, it can take care of people’s feelings without harming the environment.

Sadhana Rayalu, head and chief scientist of the Environmental Materials Branch of CSIR-NEERI, said that there has been a change in the composition of its chemicals, which will cost them less than the current firecrackers.

The Supreme Court had prohibited the firecrackers from causing pollution last Diwali. The court said that only firecrackers with less pollution will be sold in the country and only green crackers will be allowed to be sold.

This was ordered by the Supreme Court when the Central Government suggested that the pollution level could be reduced by changing the chemical composition of firecrackers. But this was not understood by the cracker manufacturers and sellers.

If we got any news related to Diwali, then we will inform you, and remain with Awaj till then.

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