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What is Mission KarmaYogi?



Mission Karma Yogi

2 days ago, the Government of India has approved the Mission Karma Yogi. Government employees will be trained in this mission.

Mission Karma Yogi

Mission Karma Yogi

In our country, when a government employee is given training, then people start accepting him as a punishment. There is such a mindset about training that when training a person, people start to consider that person as worthless.

In this country, the training has been reduced so much that it is at the root of the problems of our plain good governance. We all have to come out of this.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said that we have to give more importance to training. He told about Atul Karval in his speech. He said that it is not a difficult task for Atul Karwal to get any position in the police. Regarding Atul Karwal, Narendra Modi said that Atul Karwal used to do training only when he was told.

Therefore, the Government of India has recently approved Mission Karma yogi.

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