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From now on, ‘TT’ cannot enter the private train and no railway staff can come.

A few days ago the Tejas Express was run which ran between Lucknow to Delhi on Friday. Let me tell you that Tejas Express is a private train and now it seems that the era of private trains is being considered as the beginning.

From now on, 'TT' cannot enter the private train and no railway staff can come.

Railway workers are opposing this due to the complete operation of the private sector and are expecting private trains to fail.

In private trains, the private sector is exempted to keep their ticket checking staff and catering and housekeeping staff. Taking loco pilots, guards and security personnel will be from the railway. Rather, only private operators in trains will decide how much the fare of trains will be.

It is being said that the private sector can bring its train from anywhere, they will have complete freedom to do so from abroad also. It is not necessary that they buy their train from the railway.

Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary of the Railway Federation, expressed surprise at the intentions of the railway, saying that no information has been given about these conditions. From now on, only rich people will be able to travel. If this happens, due to the preference of private trains in operation, the latency of all normal trains will increase, due to which the common passenger will get in trouble and due to this, many thousands of staff and TTE will also get jobs.

If we got any news related to Tejas Express, then we will inform you, with the Awaj remained till then.

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