Top Amazing Facts Of KKR: Top 7 Lesser Known Facts Of Kolkata Knight Riders

Your favourite team KKR is ready with their squad to lift IPL Championship Trophy for the third time. But do you know about these Top Amazing Facts Of KKR?

KKR Facts

Top Amazing Facts Of KKR | KKR or Kolkata Knight Riders is one of the very popular teams of Indian Premier League. This team has won the IPL Championship Title for two times and the consistency of the team is also unquestionable. This franchise is owned by Red Chillies Entertainment (55%) and Mehta Group(45%). 

Under the captaincy of Gautam Gambhir and then Dinesh Karthik, The KKR squad has tremendously improved their performance season by season.

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When it comes to fanbase and supporters, The KKR franchise has a very vast fanbase and supporters all over India, especially in Bengal and Kolkata.

Kolkata Knight Riders became the IPL champions for the first time in 2012, by defeating Chennai Super Kings in the final. They repeated the history in 2014 and became the champions after defeating Kings XI Punjab. KKR hold the record for the longest winning streak by any Indian team in T20s.

Here we have introduced you with Top Amazing Facts About KKR that may blow your mind. 

Top Amazing Facts About KKR

The auctions for IPL 2021 have been over and the matches of this season are going to start from 9th of April, in Chennai. Kolkata Knight Riders fans are eagerly waiting to cheer up their favorite team. But as a fan, do you know about these Top Amazing Facts Of Kolkata Knight Riders? 

#1 Biggest Victory In IPL History

Top Amazing Facts Of KKR

Kolkata Knight Riders holds the record of having the Biggest and the best Victory in the history of IPL. KKR had defeated RCB by 140 runs in the first ever match of IPL History, in 1st season. This victory is still called the best Victory of IPL history.

#2 Beautiful Jersey Of KKR

KKR Facts

Every KKR supporter loves the shining jersey of Kolkata Knight Riders. But do you know who designed the jersey of KKR?

Manish Malhotra, a former Indian fashion designer turned costume designer and stylist, has designed the wonderful jersey of KKR.

#3 Most Controversial Owner Of Any IPL Franchise

Amazing KKR Facts

The owner of KKR, Shahrukh Khan, is the most controversial owner of any IPL squad in the history of IPL. You can estimate his high voltage controversies via having a look at bana on him. Shahrukh Khan was banned from entering the dressing room of the team during IPL matches. He was also banned from the Wankhede Stadium after his fight on that ground.

#4 Highest Consecutive Match Wins

Amazing KKR Facts

A superb record of winning the highest number of Consecutive Matches in IPL history is held by KKR. They had won a total of 10 consecutive matches in 2014-15. Which is such an amazing fact and record of any IPL franchise.

#5 One Of The Successful IPL Franchises

Top Amazing Facts Of KKR

Kolkata Knight Riders is among those few IPL franchises who have won the championship trophy for more than once. During the journey of 13 seasons, KKR have won the championship trophy for two times. Which makes this franchise one of the Successful IPL Franchises.

#6 Viking Golden Helmet

KKR Facts

The helmet of Kolkata Knight Riders is very popular among the KKR fans. The amazing golden Viking helmet of KKR is the symbol of their focus and commitment. 

#7 Meaning Of KKR Logo

KKR Logo

Logo of Kolkata Knight Riders is something very unique. The logo of KKR is consist of two colours- Black and Gold. The Black colour of their logo represents “the spirit of Maa Kaali as the destroyer of demons”. While gold represents the “aim of team to win the battle of life”.

These were the Top Amazing Facts Of Kolkata Knight Riders. Let us know in the comment section how many of you were aware of all of these facts.

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