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A Very Big Scam In India Via Google Search Is Rapidly Growing

As A Part Of 21st Century, We All Are Connected With Internet And Always Making Queries On Google But Scamsters Are Two Steps Ahead From Us! They Are Always Looking For The Best Way To Do Heavy Scam And This Time They Are Doing It With Google Search. Have A Look On How They Are Doing This Very Big Scam On The Internet Via Using Google.

Google Scam

Have You Ever Searched For The Customer Care Number Of Any Particular Company, Application or Other Type Service Provider? If Yes Then Be Alert! You May Be The Next Victim Of This Scam.

Note that this is not a hack or vulnerability from Google’s end! It is a simple misuse of a service that Google made to help internet users. We mostly do a Query on Google to find information about few particular businesses. But the next time you do a Google query to get the customer care number of any service Provider, be careful as a wrong number might prove to be very costly to You.

Now The Question Appears How This Scam Is Going on and How To Be Aware?

We Are Again Repeating, This Is Not Any Bug Or Vulnerability From Google’s End! It Is Causing Because Scammers Are Misusing Google Made Service. Scammers Are Making Fake Websites To List Fake Customer Care Numbers. When Peoples Makes Query On Google To Find Customer Care Number Of A Particular Service Provider Then The Fake Website Appears On There Search Result With The Fake Customer Care Number!

Peoples Are Contacting To Those Fake Numbers Without Verifying The Number And Getting Scammed By Them.

As A So Called Part Of Customer Executive, Scammers Ask For The Personal Details To Verify Customer’s Identity And Through Which Scammers Are Getting Access Of Customer’s Account To Make A Big Scam.

Companies, in India, Like Zomato, Swiggy and Paytm Are Facing Such A Very Big Challange Because They Have A Very Large Number Of Customer Base.

So Next Time When You Are Looking For Any Service Provider’s Customer Care Number Then Please Try To Get It From There Official Websites! Don’t Trust On Any Unknown Websites.

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