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Bad Boy Billionaires Released on Netflix



Bad Boy Billionaires

Talking about the topics of concern in the country, issues such as unemployment, rape cases, hunger and scams are on the top list. The names of many big personalities of the country are included in the scams taking place in India. Some are being punished and some are hiding abroad. It is said that cinema is the mirror of society. Which in its style presents the hidden things in the society on the big screen. Among them, the documentary ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ on scam cases is a winning example. Which has been released today.

Bad Boy Billionaires

Actually, today Netflix India has released a documentary called ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’. It is based on Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, and Subrata Roy. As soon as the film was released, the counsel for Netflix India stated that ‘All episodes of Netflix Bad Boy Billionaires released on Monday have been released. It has a total of four series.

He also said that the ban was removed by the court on Saturday. Its official order is yet to be issued. According to the news of a magazine, it is being told that this documentary was scheduled for release last month. But the release was deferred at the behest of the Araria district court.

On the other hand, Sahara Group said the documentary was misleading and said that it would harm Subrata Roy’s image. At the same time this will be shown through some people who themselves have a personal complaint. Let me tell you that Roy is out on bail at this time. Roy has misquoted all the cases on himself. Subrata Roy’s lawyer says that he has already returned all the investors’ money.

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