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The policy of SSC, Railway | Speak up for SSC Railway students | Khan Sir



Speak up for ssc railway

Speak up for SSC Railway students. Today, Khan Sir, teacher of Khan GS Research Center in Patna has uploaded a video on youtube for SSC, Railway exam. In this video, Khan sir has told that SSC, Railway examinations in our country are not taken on time and the result is also not given on time. This wastes a lot of time on students.

Speak up for SSC Railway students

Speak up for ssc railway

Khan sir says that the way UPSC exam takes place. In the same way, SSC and Railway should also be there. UPSC exam paper is never leaked, but SSC and Railway paper gets leaked.

It is the youth who has brought the government from the ground to the sky. If such things keep happening with them. So the youth can bring the government from the sky to the ground.

The government had said that we will give 2 crore jobs every year, but if the data is seen then every year the vacancy of jobs is decreasing.

He has also said that SSC, Railway have officers who are irresponsible. Students preparing for this exam do not know when their exam will be. In such a situation, students start losing their self-confidence.

There is no state in this country that gives jobs on time. In the earlier times, the boys’ time was wasted by applying their heart, but now SSC is done by filling the railway form.

The government should give employment to boys as it is their right. If there is a rebellion to demand rights, then we are a rebel.

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The purpose of this article is only to convey the words Speak up for SSC Railway students of Khan Sahab to the people. The purpose of this article is not to offend any government or party.

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