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Desh Videsh

Covid-19 ahmedabad: Decrease of 705 cases of corona virus in just 18 days



Ahmedabad has seen a steady decline in corona active cases. There were more than 3500 active cases throughout September. 3683 were reported on 1 October. Which fell to 2978 on 18 October. The number of active cases has been steadily declining since October 11. The number has come down to 3,000 on October 14. The highest number of active cases is 525 in the North-West Zone, 521 in the West Zone, 485 in the South Zone, 473 in the South-West Zone, 328 in the East and 301 in the Central Zone.

16 positive cases were reported in Ahmedabad district on Sunday while not a single person was killed. The highest number of cases in the district was 4-4 in Bavla and Sanand while 2 were reported in Dholka, 3 in Viramgam, 2 in Dhandhuka and 1 in Daskaroi. The total number of active cases is 42. While 2665 patients have recovered so far.

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