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Google Pay will support tokenized debit and credit cards

Google Pay will now allow its users to make their payments via credit and debit cards. This new feature will be rolling out in a few weeks. This supports full security during the transactions. As of now, the payment application uses UPI-based payments through users bank accounts.

Google pay
Google pay

Google pay is one of the most popular online payment platforms.It announces various new features and functionalities that are going to be implemented in the future. As a part of that, it announce the support to tokenized credit and debits cards. The company announces that it uses the technology called tokenization. In this technology, the application will generate a token to authenticate your card instead of telling the card number to the other person to provide a high standard of security.

At the moment, it supports only Visa cards from Axis Bank, HDFC, Standard Chartered Bank and State Bank of India. Google pay further announces Spot Platform for businesses to create Spot Code – custom visual codes or NFC tags for offline transactions. Customers can scan the visual code, like QR codes, or tap on it if they have an NFC-enabled smartphone to access the business’s Spot on Google Pay.

Google pay for a business is also announced to cater to small and medium-sized merchants. The application allows these businesses to enable digital payments. These are designed in the view of making payments fast and secure.

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