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Gaurav Chaudhry7 May, 1991Youtuber

Born on 7th may 1991, Gaurav Chaudhary AKA Technical Guruji, is Dubai based YouTuber, media personality, entreprenuer and engineer. Technical Guruji is found for producing YouTube videos related to technology in Hindi.

Technical Guruji image
Technical Guruji

About Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji Is India’s Number 1 Tech Youtuber In The Basis Of YouTube Subscribers. He Currently Have More Then 13 Million Subscribers On His YouTube Channel Technical Guruji. Technical Guruji has Completed his Engineering in ECE( Electronics and Communication) from Rajasthan University, Bikaner. Story Of His YouTube Career Starts From A YouTube Video Of an Indian YouTube channel SharmaJi Technical. SharmaJi Technical Is One Of The Oldest Indian Youtuber, After Watching SharmaJi’s Tech Related Video In Hindi, Gaurav Contacted SharmaJi Technical. After A Good And Long Discussion Between Guruji and SharmaJi, SharmaJi Offers Him Tk Join YouTube To Spread His Tech Related Knowledge With Everyone. Guruji Accepted His Offer And Started Uploading Tech Videos On SharmaJi’s Channel. Later On, He Asked SharmaJi To Start His Own Channel. SharmaJi Gave Him Initial Boost and Helped Him To Achieve His first 10k Subscribers Within a Week.

He Maintained Consistency And Quality On His Channel and Audienced Loved It. His Way Of Describing Was His Power. Just Bcz Of His Hard Work and Consistency, He Is India’s No.1 Tech Youtuber And World’s 2nd Biggest Tech Youtuber. After Seeing His Rapid Growth, We Can Say That He Will Be The Largest Tech Youtuber In The World Soon.

Technical Guruji Facts

  1. Technical Guruji Is India’s Largest And World’s 2nd Largest Tech Youtuber.
  2. Technical Guruji Is very Consistent for his job, He Uploads Two Videos Daily In Any Situation.
  3. Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary Is Also Maintaining His Family Business In Dubai Which Was Started by His Big Brother.
  4. Technical Guruji Also Have An Another YouTube Channel Named Gaurav Chaudhary Which Have more then 3 Million Subscribers.
  5. Technical Guruji Was The Only Indian YouTube Creator Who Have Two Gold Play Buttons.

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